The Red Bull Air Race will be held in Zamárdi between 12-14 July 2019

red bull air race

In the past few weeks, the Red Bull Air Race organizers have also reviewed a number of rural locations after the mayor's office in Budapest announced in early February that they would not give permission to hold the aerobatic competition. They also visited several Lake Balaton locations, in which the airports of Sármellék, Siófok-Kiliti and Szentkirályszabadja can also be considered.


The decision has been made, Zamárdi (at Lake Balaton) will be the new venue, but the organizers will have even more details with the authorities. The event is expected to put a strain on the settlement, similar to Balaton Sound, but it will also be an enormous, enjoyable experience during beaching and has a great advertising value for the entire holiday region.

We are happy to welcome you to a world-class international event. You do not have to worry about not having enough accommodation or parking space because of the summer season. The town has more than a decade of experience in organizing a similar number of attractive Balaton Sound hotels, and there are enough private accommodations in the Zamárdi catchment area and in the South Lake Balaton.

Airplanes will obviously have a noise effect, but flights will take place at a predictable time, between 10 and 17, on all three days. To the east of the Wellamarin hotel, a few hundred meters long beach will be the center of the race, with a VIP lodge and a control tower. Their goal is to keep the whole coast freely accessible during the race and enjoy spectacular competition all the way from the beach, he said.

After evaluating the experience of this year's competition, they will decide to continue. It was no longer possible to change the date of the Hungarian race this year, but if Zamárdi remains the venue for the Hungarian Red Bull Race Championship, I would like it to fall for the pre-season or after-season.

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