The new five-star hotel of Budapest is enchanting - Hotel Mistery

Finally, a hotel where claustrophobic people can have a quiet heart, as there are so many spaces outside of the community areas, even in the smallest rooms, where everyone can boldly entertain a sense of closeness.
On the upper levels there are some rooms that we would not recommend, however, because of the ceiling-to-ceiling glass ceiling through which you can look across the inner garden through the six floors - but in addition, the new luxury hotel has a variety of unique solutions, lavish fabrics, wallpapers, fabrics, thick, heavy curtains, expensive furniture, beautiful carpets and tiles with unique motifs, sometimes special bathtubs as the room furnishings and seemingly quaint, but also unique design elements - known small paintings on the walls or the beautiful old-fashioned home telephones that make up the specialty of a new hotel.

The house, worthy of its name, is enchanted, and between the Doric, Ionian and Corinthian columns we can see almost the elite company of the secret freemasons here and there. Best of all, we can feel this on the 4th floor of a large-sized restaurant, the size of which can be said that even theatrical performances could be held, including a complete playground.
The look, the design, the whole appearance of the room, which extravagantly invokes styles that are still historical and at the same time homage - I can not imagine today on the domestic hotel palette.

The Mystery Hotel, built as a generous property of a large-scale home-builder, will be one of Budapest's most prestigious building blocks in the building, both in the restaurant and the spa area of ​​Rome. most notably the most special five-star hotel.