A great future for the Balaton is predicted by Booking.com

lake balaton"Today and in the future we want to offer our customers not only accommodation at Lake Balaton, but also a complex experience," said the regional director of Booking.com. They break through the traditional portal portraits and real partners try to plan the trip. Nowadays, passengers can get virtually all the information they need to get to the destination they want to visit and 90% of them online. The purpose of Booking.com is to cover the entire spectrum of travel, including flight booking, car rental and table reservation. These services can be secured through its sister companies, which started in 1996 as one of the Dutch hotel booking firms, and today it has an international giant company with 17,000 employees and 200 offices worldwide and 29 million online hits.

All their development is based on data, analyzing them precisely to see what the guest needs and to run tests in order of magnitude 1000. They can also offer personalized accommodation, as well as places of interest, for age, age, nationality. In recent years, payment opportunities have been developed and its many forms are offered, mobile payment is an innovation. The expert also pointed out that many of their recommended Budapest attractions can not be paid with a card, which involves a third party in the process. The use of artificial intelligence at the company is already present: through the Booking Assistant chatbot a software responds quickly and efficiently to our questions.

The virtue of the Booking.com is that it has made it popular and even popular with hotels in non-hostels. Their popularity is outstanding in the Middle East. According to experts, besides Budapest, Balaton has enormous potential and it is expected that the site will soon be filled with hotels in Balaton.

"By the time we come to our guest, they have sold them a lot of programs and services online. This is likely to affect the role of concierges, but will also make it personal, and the added value that local knowledge means will hopefully always be a customer.