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For the Mercure hotels in AccorHotels in Hungary 2018 is the year of renewal. From spring, the Mercure Budapest Buda and the Mercure Budapest Korona guests can enjoy the comfort of their refurbished rooms during their visit to Budapest. Mercure Budapest Buda can be of particular interest to tourists, as in Hungary, for the first time, the combination of two hotel brands, Mercure and Ibis, will be realized within a hotel building.

This spring, the Mercure Hotel in Budapest completed its next renovation of last year's complete renovation program, which allowed a significant part of the rooms to be brand new. Thanks to the works, from the 400 rooms of the Mercure Budapest Buda, 160 rooms and 420 rooms of the Mercure Budapest Korona, 101 rooms have a completely new look. The complete refurbishment of the Mercure Budapest Buda will be completed early next year, completing the 400 new rooms and completely converted public areas and restaurants. The full renovation of the Mercure Budapest Crown will be completed by the beginning of 2020 while the third Mercure, the Hotel Mercure Budapest City Center will soon be finalized. Budapest is a more and more attractive destination for both leisure and business as well as "bleisure" travelers, both of whom are alloys. It is a trendy and safe city. During our renovation works, we have already considered the needs and consumer habits of Y and Z generational travelers.

The most astonishing changes to the renewed hotels are in the Mercure Budapest Buda, as the 400-room hotel will become Hungary's first combo hotel. The first three floors of the building are ibis, while the other levels continue to function according to the Mercure standards. It has a total of 150 ibis and 250 Mercure rooms, of which 60 ibis and 100 Mercure rooms were completed during the first phase of the renovation. By implementing a unique concept, the hotel can optimize its capacity and serve both guests of both hotels simultaneously.

In recent years, Budapest has become increasingly popular among Europe's most popular destinations, so it is important for Mercure's rooms to adapt to today's needs and to give their visitors an unforgettable guest experience. During the design of the Mercure hotels the inclusion of local inspirations is of great importance in appearance, so it is further interesting that the design elements of the renewed hotels show the brands of Budapest. The Mercure Budapest Buda displays the proximity of the Buda Castle Quarter, the atmosphere of which is already felt in the rooms, and the bridges crossing the Danube are placed in the focus, so details of bridges in the open spaces or the lines of the river appear on the abstract patterned floor. While in the Mercure Budapest Korona, the capital's past can be discovered as the city's pride, the Buda Castle, has served for many years in history for the Hungarian kings. The crowns painted on the wall, and other dominant attributes, modernize the spirit of the past.

For AccorHotels, environmentally conscious hotel management is of the utmost importance, so all of the three hotels have been refurbished to meet the requirements of the group's environmental program PLANET 21. Each of the Mercure hotels has LED bulbs, lighting in the rooms, water-saving taps in the rooms, and Fan Coils that can be used for cooling and heating, energy-saving and easy to control.