About Hungary - Shopping


Opening hours for shops (in general): 
Mon-Fri Sat Sun Food stores 7 am-7 pm 7 am-2 pm Larger shopping centres 7 am-7 pm 7 am-2 pm 7 am-2 pm
Consumer goods stores, department stores 10 am-6 pm 9 am-1 pm 24-hour food stores can be found in many towns. Privatisation has made itself felt most strikingly in the areas of commerce and services. Ever more outlets are being opened by international companies, not just in Budapest but elsewhere throughout the country.


The most sought-after tourist souvenirs include the varied and high duality Hungarian folk art objects: 
embroidery (coloured and white) from Kalocsa, Matyó embroideries and blouses, the black ceramic-ware from Nádudvar, carved wooden objects, glazed pottery, the "Miska Pitcher, homespun fabrics from Sárköz, and blue-dyed fabrics. Applied art objects: Herend and Zsolnay porcelain (available in their own shops), lead crystal ornaments. Food products: goose liver, Pick and Hertz salamis, red paprika from Kalocsa and Szeged, cognac cherries in chocolate.
Drinks: Tokaj Aszú, quality Hungarian wines, cherry and apricot brandies, Törley champagne, Zwack Unicum.