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There are plenty of evening entertainment spots in the capital and the countryside: besides the bars with shows, discos, jazz clubs and dance houses there are more than 20 casinos throughout the country, of which eight are in Budapest, and the others in: Gyor, Heviz, Kecskemet, Nyíregyháza, Sopron, Szentendre and Székesfehérvár.


Fine Hungarian cuisine is available right across the country, from luxury category establishments to diners. 
Menus are often in English/German, and you will frequently find international cuisine offered alongside Hungarian dishes. (in order to avoid misunderstandings, it is a good policy to carefully check the drinks and menu prices beforehand.) Almost all national cuisines are now represented in Budapest and the major towns. 
Fast food outlets (McDonald's etc.) have established networks nationwide.


Characteristic Hungarian cuisine prepared with red paprika, onions, tomatoes and green paprika makes for harmonic and filling meals: the famous Hungarian goulash (gulyás), paprika chicken with noodles, stuffed cabbage, and from the soups the marvellous fish soup and Eszterházy hen soup. From among the pastries it is worth highlighting cottage cheese noodles (túróscsusza), strudels (filled with cherry, cottage cheese or ground poppy seed), Somló dumplings (galuska) and sponge cake with vanilla and raisins (vargabéles). The first course is usually a soup, followed by the main course and dessert. 
Wines: see below. 
Hungarian beers: 
Dreher, Aranyászok, Kobánya, Sopron, Bak. Besides the most famous Hungarian champagne, Törley, there are many other equally good sparkling wines on offer.


Of the many Hungarian wines the most famous is the Tokaj, which has borne the title "King of Wines, Wine of Kings" for centuries. The most valuable of the Tokaji is the Aszú, and of this type the more "puttonyos" or baskets used for gathering the late harvested, honeysweet grape the more expensive the wine is.

Also highly popular is the Tokaj Szamorodni, which comes in sweet, medium and dry forms. The best known of the Hungarian red wines from the Eger, Szekszárd and Pécs regions include Eger Bull's Blood, Merlot, Villány Burgundy and Villány Oportó. From among the whites perhaps the most famous originate from the grapes cultivated on the volcanic hillsides of the Balaton Uplands: Badacsony Riesling, Badacsony Szürkebarát, Kéknyelű, but also popular are those from the slopes of the Mátra Hills such as the Abasár Riesling.

Wine regions in Hungary